Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Race at Cooperland

We had a race at Cooperland in Stillwater this weekend (August 25/26). Mark and Trey practiced together on Saturday. Trey decided that he wanted to race the "long course" at this race. He usually races the Mini 85 class and that is a "short course" race. They don't race the whole course, just sections of it and it is 30 minutes long. He enjoyed riding the long course with Mark so he wanted to race it. Mark was impressed because when they were practicing Trey wasn't ever too far behind him. At one point I think Trey might have been on his back tire! We knew this day was coming just didn't know when.

We thought he would have a 1 1/2 hour break in between races so he could rest. Nope, wrong! He didn't realize it until the riders started lining up while Trey was still racing the short course. Mark was running around like a chicken with his head cut off trying to get things ready. We were going to let Trey make the decision on whether he wanted to race the long course since it would be a back to back race. He decided to go for it. Mark got everything ready, had to change the scoring card in his helmet, put gas in the bike and Trey had to pee. We made him drink while we were waiting on the race to start. As time was getting closer Trey had a funny look on his face. He looked at me and said "I should have never drank that much water, now my stomach hurts". Mark and I knew it was nerves and it would pass once he got going. There were people coming up to him and telling him to just take it easy and ride his own race. By this time, not only was Trey getting nervous, but I was as well. My little boy has never been out there with another 100 riders before. Not only was it 100 other riders, but they were adults on big bikes. Trey said "I don't want those guys behind me running me over", then I really got nervous!

Mark was telling Trey that we would stop him on the 2nd lap to gas him up and let him take a little break. Trey said "Can I stop after the 1st lap". At that moment, neither Mark or I figured Trey would last the whole race.

Well the first lap goes by so Mark gets ready for Trey to stop and this is what happened:

Yep, he kept going! Mark said well I guess he didn't want to stop!

The 2nd lap comes and Mark said this time we have to MAKE him stop so he can get gas. We pulled Trey off the track and put him in the shade long enough to gas him up. We made him take his helmet off so he could get a little breeze. Mark asked him if he was tired yet and Trey said "No, I'm having fun". Trey went 2 more laps for a total of 4 laps. On the last lap Trey came by and I shot this picture of him:

He was pretty worn out even though he won't admit it. He pulled over and I told him his race was over he just had to finish that lap.

I ran back to the trailer where I knew he would go so I could tell him how proud I was of him, of course Mark beat me to it. We were so proud that he finished his first long course race! He says he wants to finish out the year (3 more races) doing the long course. We will have to see how that goes!

Here is the final result after the race, he was one worn out boy but of course he won't tell you that!

Our little boy is growing up!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Bet

We were sitting at the table eating supper tonight when Mark and Trey started talking about running. Trey said I bet I can run around our yard 3 times without stopping. For those of you that don't know my house, we have about 7 acres. Mark said so you are saying that you can run around 3 times from post to post (we have metal post that marks our property). Trey said yes, I can do it. So they made a bet for $20 that Trey would run 3 times around our property. Then Trey said if I can't make it you don't have to pay me the $20 for mowing. Then Trey got the bright idea that it would be a double or nothing bet. So they shook on it and the bet was on. That little brat not only made 3 laps around but went on for a 4th lap! There went $40 from Mark's pocket!

So Trey comes in and was getting ready to take a shower and it hit him! He was already sore! His legs were cramping up and he could barely stand. Tomorrow is the first day of school so it's going to be a fun one for him! I hope he makes it through the day without his legs bothering him too much.

I gave him some Motrin before bed hoping that it would help. He also went to bed with an ice pack on his legs!

Mark told him he was really proud of him and amazed that he could do it!

You go Trey!

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vet Visit

Our cat, Jackson, has been acting funny lately. He has been drinking A LOT water. Mark told me that I needed to get him to the vet just to make sure nothing was wrong. That's easy for him to say, he didn't have to lug this 20 lbs cat in the vet! But I started reading on cats that drink a lot and most of the things talked about diabetes. A cat being diabetic you say? Well here is my story......

Now you really have to know our cat, he is scared of EVERYTHING! He is a BIG cat, but very scared. So I have to shove him into the pet porter because I knew there was no way I was going to get him to the vet by myself if I didn't. So we get into the car of course he was making awful noise like he was dying. I get him to the vet and have to then get him out of the pet porter. I think that was worse than getting him in. Oh no, I don't know this place, I am NOT getting out! I finally get him out and the girl says we need to weigh him, 19 lbs!! So then I have to lug him back up on the counter and wait for the Doctor to come in to see us.

The Doctor opens the door and Jackson freaks out, starts hissing at him like he is big and bad and this whole time he is backing up trying to get as close to me as he can. The doc said well the first thing is we need to get a blood sample to do a test. It takes 3 of us to hold this giant baby down to get a little blood. I had his hind end, a bad place to be since he still has back claws! One lady was practically laying on top of him and holding his head while the doc was going down his front paws while also trying to stick the needle in his neck. He does pretty well with the blood sample, but he wanted back in that cage again! We had to then wait for the results to come back, which took forever! The doc walks in and says yep, looks like you have a diabetic cat. His whatevers are very high and then tells me that his count was 516. Well that didn't mean anything to me so I ask, "what is it suppose to be?". He then informs me that a normal level is around 100! OH MY!

So he is telling me that we have to put Jackson on a diet, yeah good luck with that one! He also tells me that we have to give him insulin shots every day. He give him a shot and tells us to give him another one the next morning and bring him back the following day for another blood test. UGH! So I get him back in the car and of course he is making those noises again and we get home. I let him out and Mark notices that he is wet, I guess he was so scared he peed on himself on the drive home. So into the sink we go for a bath. Have you ever tried to bath a cat, or a cat that is already traumatized? It was NOT fun! We got it over with though pretty painless.

Today we did it all over again! His levels were down a little bit today but not enough so they raised the insulin level. I have to take him back on Friday for some more blood test. I am not looking forward to that! The cat is going to end up hating me!

Monday, August 13, 2007

Our "Fast" weekend

I bought Mark a Texas Driving Experience gift certificate for Christmas. This gift certificate consist of a 10 laps "extreme" drive in a Z06 Corvette. So we drove to Texas Speedway on Saturday when it was 105 degrees. The asphalt was so hot that it was burning my feet even through my shoes.

We got there at 1:30 and weren't suppose to be there until 2:30 but they had an opening in the 1:30 slot so they whisked us away on a golf cart to another building. We sat in there for a while and listened while they talked about the importance of how to drive the car safely. When it was over the guy asked if there was any questions, of course Mark had to raise his hand. He always has a question for everything, I am thinking what is he going to ask now. This was his question.................."where is the bathroom".

Then they loaded up the drivers and took them around the course in a 15 passenger van. The first time they went around they were going pretty slow, so I thought they were taking them around so they could see what the track was like. Well here comes the van again and it is going pretty fast by now and then another time going a little faster. I didn't know those vans to go that fast!

Mark got ready for his ride in his sexy driving suit, he had sandals on and I think that's what made it so sexy! He got in the car and away he went.

Momma, I'm going fast.............

Of course when he was done with his 10 laps they gave him an option to buy "extra" laps. Now, why did they have to do that, what kind of man can turn that kind of excitement down? Of course he was yelling at me out the window..."do you still have my credit card, sign me up for 10 more laps".

At least he had a lot of fun going fast. After that was a different story, I didn't realize going that fast could wear you out.....