Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The first "Big Bike" race.........

We had our first race back from summer break last weekend. Well, Trey grew so much over summer that he had to retire his KX100 motorcycle and move to the YZ250. What is the different you ask? The YZ250 has more power and is a bigger bike. He also had to switch the class in which he races. He was racing a class that is called Long Course Mini. It is for kids up to age 16. The class that he moved it is called Sportsman and is made up of the majority of adults. It's also a bigger class which is scary. Here is a picture of him sitting on the line waiting to race:

The start of the race I was a nervous wreck! Starting with all those bikes can be dangerous! The green flag is up and away he goes. A wreck in the first turn and I can't see Trey because of all the dust. I am hoping that he made it without getting caught up with the other bikes. Then through the dust comes by baby, he made it around everyone. Whew, that was close!

The rows ahead of Trey are coming around for their first lap. I know Trey should be coming around soon. He has always loved jumping but has never been really good at it. Well he comes around for his first lap and this is what I see flying through the air:

and then I see this:

He use to tell me "did you see me rampin". (Rampin to him meant jumping)

After a few fall overs, I don't like calling them crashes, he finished 10th out of 29 in his class. He did an awesome job!

We are very proud of you Trey! We are now sitting awaiting patiently to see if his lap times beat Marks!