Friday, August 15, 2008

Love for racing is back........

As many of you know, Trey has been racing dirt bikes since he was 6 years old. This year is his 7th year of racing. He has gone from a Honda Z50, Lem 50, KTM 65, YZ 85 to a KX 100. Last year when Mark bought the KX 100, Trey decided that this year would be his last year of racing for a while. Well, that has all changed! He has grown ALOT over the past few years. He is too big for the "little" bikes. Trey has realized he can ride one of Mark's old bikes. It is a YZ 250 that is taller and has more power. He rides it out in the yard and a few weeks ago Mark too him riding. They went to Rush Springs and they took the YZ 250 for Trey to practice on. Ever since that day Trey's loving for riding has come back. He has asked to ride the bike in the yard. He even asked me the other day what his number was going to be for next year. I told him I didn't know that he was going to race and he told me that he was going to race again.

Here are a few pictures of Trey on the YZ 250. He loves to show off that he can do wheelies!

My favorite picture.


Justin & Melissa said...

Great pictures! Trey is getting big! He looks all grown up on that big bike!

Jennifer said...

That picture is really, really good, April.
You have a little (well, not so little) Renaissance man on your hands!