Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Spring Concert

Trey had his last band concert for 7th grade last night. I can't believe he will be in 8th grade next year! Time sure flies.

We were getting loaded up to go to Trey's concert last night and had a mishap. Trey was getting into the back seat of my car and Mark was in the front passenger seat. Mark was already in but Trey has to arrange his feet in a certain way to get them in my back seat. (It's not that I have a little car, he just has big feet!) Mark shut his door and Trey starts screaming. Mark's first instinct was to open the door and Trey pulls back his hand very quickly. I look at Trey's hand and his fingers have been shut in the door, the damage was the middle and ring finger. Mark went inside and got an ice pack to put on Trey's hand. Mark was in a panic, he thought he had just broken the fingers of one of the star trumpet players. I don't know who I had to calm down more, Trey or Mark.

After surveying the damage we realized Trey had gotten lucky and nothing was broken. The door shut between his finger tip and his 2nd knuckle. Trey said at first he didn't know that his hand was shut in the door. I told him it was because his arm is so long it took the pain a minute to travel to his brain. He got a laugh out of that.

A few months ago he came out of his room from practicing and said if he ever broke his right hand he could still play the trumpet. He showed us that he could play with his left hand if he ever needed. Last night he thought was going to be one of those nights but by the time we got to the school he was better.

This morning I think he was back to normal, well as normal as can be for Trey. Mark felt really bad about the situation and I think Trey has forgiven him. It wasn't funny last night but to retell the story to my co-workers became funny.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009


I didn't think this semester was ever going to be done. As of yesterday the Spring 2009 semester is over! I have never been more happy to finish a class in all my life. Now I am done for a few weeks, then it's time for Summer semester.