Monday, May 26, 2008


Mark, Trey and I decided to load up and go to the lake today. We got there, found a nice spot to put our stuff and proceeded to put our sunblock on. I put some on Trey first because he was ready to jump in the water. I bet he never trust me to put sunblock on him again! This is what happens when you aren't careful on how you apply sunblock:

Trey now has splotches of red all over his back where his mother (me) wasn't paying attention on how carefully she applied. He has let me know SEVERAL times tonight that I did a VERY bad job. He keeps pointing out that he has circles on his back.

Of course Mark had to check his back too since I am the one that put it on him too. Mark's back isn't as bad, but still a very, very poor job of spraying! I will try to do better next time, that is if either one of them trust me! I bet I will be seeing them off in a corner applying it to each other that way I don't have to do it!

I'm sorry boys, I swear I wasn't trying to design patterns on your back!


Justin & Melissa said...

Poor kid! You never give him any slack! You did this to him and then you kick his butt bad at mario cart, give him a break! :)