Wednesday, May 7, 2008

This means WAR!!!!!

I have always been the office prankster. I have decorated my co-workers offices when they turned 40 and when one turned 50. I have also put sticky notes on one girls office when she got married and went on her honeymoon. I have decorated for a girl that got a new office, but I had help on that one, yes you know who you are! I have used double stick tape and taped the mouse down.

I knew my day was coming, but I didn't know when or where. One of my co-workers has been scheming for a long time. She has been saving the hole punch papers in a little cup for a rainy day and today happened to be that day. It was raining so I had my umbrella in my office. Sometime between the time I came in and the time I left for lunch, some sneaky person put those little hole punch papers in my umbrella. I opened the door to outside and it was raining so I opened the umbrella and poof a bunch of white specks came falling down. Great, now not only am I getting wet trying to figure out where these white specks came from, now I have them all over me. I hurry up and get to the car and call the suspect. She is dying laughing since we have caller id and she knew it was me. I go about my business and run my errands. I went to buy a last minute mothers day present and noticed people looking at me. I didn't think much of it until I get home, walk in the bathroom and see myself in the mirror. I have these white specks in my hair!

I think the suspect laughed the rest of the day. Her day is coming again!!!!!! The war has begun!


Justin & Melissa said...

HAHA! Karma always comes back to bite ya! You are right though, the war is on. I still never got you back for my office! :)
That is fun stuff! said...

Kudos to your office mate!!!