Friday, March 13, 2009

Office Birthdays

I love it when people in our office have BIG birthdays! We have one turning 60 and one that is 40. I am the office prankster so you know I can't let them get off without something. I have been planning for a few months.

Jennifer knew that I had been planning Vicki's 60th birthday. She was hoping that I would forget all about her turning 40. Her birthday wasn't until Sunday so she thought she would get out of everyone making a big deal of her birthday.

I hope these women have a wonderful birthday, they both deserve it!

These are the victims, Jennifer and Vicki

Here are a few pictures of their offices:


Justin and Melissa said...

you did great! their offices were awesome!

Jennifer said...

You out-did yourself. And that says a lot!
Wish I could have been there.