Wednesday, August 15, 2007

The Bet

We were sitting at the table eating supper tonight when Mark and Trey started talking about running. Trey said I bet I can run around our yard 3 times without stopping. For those of you that don't know my house, we have about 7 acres. Mark said so you are saying that you can run around 3 times from post to post (we have metal post that marks our property). Trey said yes, I can do it. So they made a bet for $20 that Trey would run 3 times around our property. Then Trey said if I can't make it you don't have to pay me the $20 for mowing. Then Trey got the bright idea that it would be a double or nothing bet. So they shook on it and the bet was on. That little brat not only made 3 laps around but went on for a 4th lap! There went $40 from Mark's pocket!

So Trey comes in and was getting ready to take a shower and it hit him! He was already sore! His legs were cramping up and he could barely stand. Tomorrow is the first day of school so it's going to be a fun one for him! I hope he makes it through the day without his legs bothering him too much.

I gave him some Motrin before bed hoping that it would help. He also went to bed with an ice pack on his legs!

Mark told him he was really proud of him and amazed that he could do it!

You go Trey!


anita said...

Bless his heart!!! How was his first day of school?

Love the new PINK design...