Monday, August 13, 2007

Our "Fast" weekend

I bought Mark a Texas Driving Experience gift certificate for Christmas. This gift certificate consist of a 10 laps "extreme" drive in a Z06 Corvette. So we drove to Texas Speedway on Saturday when it was 105 degrees. The asphalt was so hot that it was burning my feet even through my shoes.

We got there at 1:30 and weren't suppose to be there until 2:30 but they had an opening in the 1:30 slot so they whisked us away on a golf cart to another building. We sat in there for a while and listened while they talked about the importance of how to drive the car safely. When it was over the guy asked if there was any questions, of course Mark had to raise his hand. He always has a question for everything, I am thinking what is he going to ask now. This was his question.................."where is the bathroom".

Then they loaded up the drivers and took them around the course in a 15 passenger van. The first time they went around they were going pretty slow, so I thought they were taking them around so they could see what the track was like. Well here comes the van again and it is going pretty fast by now and then another time going a little faster. I didn't know those vans to go that fast!

Mark got ready for his ride in his sexy driving suit, he had sandals on and I think that's what made it so sexy! He got in the car and away he went.

Momma, I'm going fast.............

Of course when he was done with his 10 laps they gave him an option to buy "extra" laps. Now, why did they have to do that, what kind of man can turn that kind of excitement down? Of course he was yelling at me out the window..."do you still have my credit card, sign me up for 10 more laps".

At least he had a lot of fun going fast. After that was a different story, I didn't realize going that fast could wear you out.....