Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Vet Visit

Our cat, Jackson, has been acting funny lately. He has been drinking A LOT water. Mark told me that I needed to get him to the vet just to make sure nothing was wrong. That's easy for him to say, he didn't have to lug this 20 lbs cat in the vet! But I started reading on cats that drink a lot and most of the things talked about diabetes. A cat being diabetic you say? Well here is my story......

Now you really have to know our cat, he is scared of EVERYTHING! He is a BIG cat, but very scared. So I have to shove him into the pet porter because I knew there was no way I was going to get him to the vet by myself if I didn't. So we get into the car of course he was making awful noise like he was dying. I get him to the vet and have to then get him out of the pet porter. I think that was worse than getting him in. Oh no, I don't know this place, I am NOT getting out! I finally get him out and the girl says we need to weigh him, 19 lbs!! So then I have to lug him back up on the counter and wait for the Doctor to come in to see us.

The Doctor opens the door and Jackson freaks out, starts hissing at him like he is big and bad and this whole time he is backing up trying to get as close to me as he can. The doc said well the first thing is we need to get a blood sample to do a test. It takes 3 of us to hold this giant baby down to get a little blood. I had his hind end, a bad place to be since he still has back claws! One lady was practically laying on top of him and holding his head while the doc was going down his front paws while also trying to stick the needle in his neck. He does pretty well with the blood sample, but he wanted back in that cage again! We had to then wait for the results to come back, which took forever! The doc walks in and says yep, looks like you have a diabetic cat. His whatevers are very high and then tells me that his count was 516. Well that didn't mean anything to me so I ask, "what is it suppose to be?". He then informs me that a normal level is around 100! OH MY!

So he is telling me that we have to put Jackson on a diet, yeah good luck with that one! He also tells me that we have to give him insulin shots every day. He give him a shot and tells us to give him another one the next morning and bring him back the following day for another blood test. UGH! So I get him back in the car and of course he is making those noises again and we get home. I let him out and Mark notices that he is wet, I guess he was so scared he peed on himself on the drive home. So into the sink we go for a bath. Have you ever tried to bath a cat, or a cat that is already traumatized? It was NOT fun! We got it over with though pretty painless.

Today we did it all over again! His levels were down a little bit today but not enough so they raised the insulin level. I have to take him back on Friday for some more blood test. I am not looking forward to that! The cat is going to end up hating me!