Tuesday, February 3, 2009

25 Random Things about Me

I had a friend that posted a blog of 25 random things about herself. I thought to myself, I can do that! When it came down to actually coming up with things, it was a lot harder than I thought. It took me days to come up with things. I hope you enjoy.

1. I have a pet peeve about toilet paper. It has to be torn off at the proper place. That made that little “dotted” line for a reason!

2. I have a collection of frog things. I just don’t like frog things as much as people think. It all started when someone bought me something with a frog. It got out of hand, finally had to tell people to quit buying me frog things.

3. I use to play house with my cousins when they would visit from Kentucky. I was the mom, my name was Kathy, my cousin Jacob was the dad, and his name was Jason. We had 2 kids, they were Susan and Irrigation. Myndall’s name was Susan and we were always mean to Jenny and made her name be Irrigation.

4. As a child I ate “coco and biscuits” for breakfast. It was nothing more than chocolate gravy over biscuits. I LOVED it!

5. I have a purse fetish; I love to buy purses as much as most women like to buy shoes.

6. I have 21 hours remaining and I will graduate with my Bachelors in Management!

7. I love to take pictures. My husband bought me an awesome camera for Christmas last year. It doesn’t matter what it is, I will take a picture of it.

8. I have a 13 year old son that is the light of my life. I don’t think I could have gotten through this life without him.

9. I am grateful for my parents even though I don’t tell them enough.

10. For the first years of my life I grew up traveling on a semi-truck. My parents along with my grandparents drove trucks when I was little. My mom would go with my dad so I went along also. I would ride with my grandparents from time to time. I rode in the truck with them even during summers up until I was about 12 years old. I got to see a lot of the US that way.

11. I have a funny nickname given to me by my grandparents. Since I was on the truck you had to have a CB name, all truckers do. My nickname was “Okie Dudedad”. Over the years it has been shortened to just Dude. Yes, my nickname is Dude.

12. Since I traveled on the truck as a child I have been to most of the 50 states, except Hawaii and Alaska.

13. I WILL NOT eat a hot dog, but I will eat bologna. How weird is that?

14. I have a routine and I have to have my bath at 9:00 pm or it messes up what’s left of the night.

15. I have a BIG problem about going into a hotel bathroom and hair being left on the floor or tub. I will call the front desk to either get a new room or have them to clean the floor.

16. I have a thing about the number 44. I don’t know what it is, but seems like it is my “lucky” number. It’s my son’s favorite dirt bike rider’s number so it has no meaning to me. But, it seems like every time I turn around there is something with that number on it.

17. I love to go fishing.

18. I am the office practical jokester. I just hope some of these people are gone by the time I turn 40 or I’m in big trouble!

19. I am addicted to The Pioneer Woman’s blog. For those of you that have not visited her site, here is the address: www.thepioneerwoman.com

20. I use to HATE the color purple. Mark would always joke about something being purple. I guess it grew on me because it’s one of my favorite colors next to green.

21. I have the most special friends in the world. I appreciate every day I have with them.

22. I watch the same TV channels every day. I watch Discovery Health, TLC, Food Network, Lifetime or Hallmark.

23. I am scared that I am going to die in a fire.

24. I’m really not as mean as everything thinks I am.

25. Last and definitely not least, I love my husband more and more every day. He has given me a life I could have only dreamed. I appreciate him for giving me the opportunity to be his wife and for his continuing love and support.


Justin and Melissa said...

You are as mean as we all think!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) Great list! I love reading these! It does take forever though! You got 2 wonderful boys in your life, and you deserve them!

Jennifer said...

I know you are a big mush.

What a great list. Thanks for sharing!

Angela Dyrcz said...

How fun! You need to add dooce.com to your list of blogs. She's absolutely hilarious.